Caithness Market

Connecting with local businesses from the comfort of our homes during Covid-19.

Next Market

We are running an in-person market on Friday 28th October at Mackays Hotel Wick between 5pm - 9pm! This event will be a celebration and farewell to Caithness Market at this current time. Please look at our event page HERE on Facebook to see the full list of participating businesses.


Since 2020, Caithness Market has been a virtual market you can visit on Instagram or Facebook and browse to your heart’s content! All from the comfort of our own homes. Now that we are coming out the pandemic, we have concluded virtual markets.


Caithness Market was a virtual event for people to attend. Between 11 am and 3 pm on the day businesses shared their stories, gave behind the scenes tours, went Live with Q&A sessions, exclusive product launches, demonstrations, discounts, and displayed items available to buy. Businesses took part from the Far North of Scotland and much further afield!

Caithness Market was founded by Lisa Poulsen of Inspired by Caithness in May 2020. In January 2021, digital marketing for the market was outsourced to A Highland Blend. From Summer 2022, a team of volunteers (Beverley Miller – Baby Bliss, Eleanor Hargrave – No 16 Crafts,) now run the market with digital marketing and administration support from A Highland Blend.


Community has been at the heart of Caithness Market. Each business taking part in virtual markets contributed a £15 ‘signup fee’ in order to take part – £10.00 of which was donated to a local charity chosen by public vote. The remaining £5 of each donation paid for digital marketing support from A Highland Blend.

We’ve raised £3570.00 for local charities since launching in May 2020!


Our virtual market not only brought people together, it supported local businesses, gave us something to look forward to and provided that good old market day buzz meaning everyone comes away feeling a little bit more connected.

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