Forests in Scotland | Taking a walk in the woods

In almost all areas of Scotland you will find a forest. As the 21st of March is known as the International Day of Forests, I'll take you on a (virtual) tour of some spectacular woodlands! As with being outside generally, there are a lot of health benefits associated with being outside in a forestry environment. […]

NUART Aberdeen Tour | Street Art in the Granite City

During my recent 36 hour exploration of Aberdeen, it was impossible to miss the huge amount of street art that has appeared on walls and doorways around Aberdeen. This is thanks in some part to NUART Aberdeen, which is now in its third year of their public art festival.

36 hours in the Granite City | Exploring Aberdeen & Footdee on foot

Last week I had a couple of nights in Aberdeen - the main purpose was to catch up with a graduating friend but I also took the opportunity to explore the Granite city centre and Footdee, which is within walking distance.

Elgin – Moray’s Cathedral Town: What to see, do, eat and drink

Way back in January 2019 I had a day in Elgin – which is nestled halfway between Inverness and Aberdeen. You can read about my mill tour at Johnstons of Elgin, home of fine cashmere homeware and clothing, but in this post, I’ll be sharing more of what you can expect to see, do, eat […]

Johnstons of Elgin Mill Tour

I was in Elgin recently. You can read more in this post for exploring this cathedral town in Moray, but today I thought I'd tell you about a mill tour at Johnstons of Elgin which is not only free, but fascinating!

What can you expect at a Scottish Highland Games?

Highland Games are a huge part of national culture all over Scotland, and while centuries ago these events would have been a display of clan rivalry for the biggest and bravest soldiers to compete, these are a much more friendly affair nowadays!

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