Off the Beaten Track – Latheronwheel Fairy Glen

An earlier visit in the year to Latheronwheel Harbour revealed signs towards Latheronwheel Strath. Until we set foot on this beautiful glen, we didn't realise the incredible work that local volunteers do in creating and maintaining the magical Latheronwheel fairy glen, which you can find next to the woodland burn which runs down into the North Sea.

With areas such as Hobbit Hill and Pixie Place, there's no option but to explore the whole neighbourhood!

Tiny doors and windows are carved or engraved into logs or rocks, which have a natural moss roof covering.

Perhaps the most magical thing about the work that the volunteers do is that it enhances the natural beauty of the fairy glen by adding the smallest of touches to spark the imagination of adults and kids alike.

Tiny toadstools, a pair of welly boots, and even a bucket and fishing net to scoop up the catch of the day from the nearby burn. An amazing level of detail and care has gone in here and it's easy to tear around the glen finding all of the tiny fairy homes, so I'd recommend a second circuit to admire all of the little touches that you will have missed the first time round!

Autumn is a great time to visit, as the moss and greenery is super bright due to the inevitable rain that visitors will have been treated to over the year. And it's not just human visitors who are welcome, even the ladybirds are taken care of!

The path of the glen is very accessible to prams and wheelchairs, until you reach a steep set of stairs which, when you've reached the top, continue you along the walk along the strath, or lead back to the cliffs overlooking the harbour. The latter joins up at the John O Groats Trail which at this point, has great views of the Dunbeath coastline.

To reach the harbour and fairy glen, turn off the A9 at Latheronwheel and follow the main road of the village down towards to the sea. The road (with passing places) winds down a hill to the harbour where there's plenty of parking, simply walk back to the woodland to start the walk!

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