Why you should consider outsourcing for your business

When we moved to Caithness in 2017, (into a 120-year-old manse with huge bay windows) we had limited opportunities to travel up from Inverness for accessing the house to measure up. I spent far too long researching and deliberating on colours, styles, and patterns for curtains in a number of rooms. It all felt so overwhelming. There was a lot going on with everything associated with flitting and I dealt fine with other things that others might have found tricky, but it was the curtains that sent me over the edge! Fast forward to 2022... and we’re looking at some new ways in which we can reduce our energy bills. We decide to add a curtain to the inside of our porch for cutting out winter draughts, and also have to do some repairs of other curtain tracks in the bay windows. This time I don’t bother doing any research. Instead we head off to Thurso and the super helpful Elizabeth’s Fabrics. Within 30 minutes Alison took all the pain out of decision making by asking us the right questions, giving us clarity by explaining all our options and even finding us the solutions (for the porch there was a curtain in the sale that was the exact size we needed!) Most importantly we weren’t put under pressure to make a decision on the spot. We could have started researching again, but from our previous experience we knew to save the pain and go straight to outsourcing.

I also found outsourcing to be very helpful for my business last year when I had to make urgent changes to my website security -  I am relatively tech savvy but I didn’t have the time to do it myself as it would have prohibited me from taking clients on.

Outsourcing was not the cheapest option money wise, but it was the best investment for my business. I paid once for a job done well, rather than cheap twice for an end product that I wasn’t happy with.

Outsourcing not only gives you the peace of mind that you will get a job done well, it:

  • Gives you more time to do the things you want/need to
  • Gets the job done quicker with less procrastination
  • Uses someone else’s skills, knowledge and expertise – you don’t have to spend the time and effort learning from scratch
  • Provides a chance for you to talk about your business with an expert
  • Helps you move forward with achieving your goals
  • Gives a sense of relief that the task will be completed and not delayed.

If outsourcing one off or regular digital marketing content or admin tasks is what your business needs, drop an email or book in a free 30 minute chat where I can ask you about your business goals and the details of what you need help with. Then I’ll be able to follow that up with a proposal and quote. Wherever possible there will be package options so that you can choose in line with your budget, leaving you to enjoy running your business without facing overwhelm or an enormous task list!

Email: hello@ahighlandblend.com

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