NC500 East Coast: Dunbeath Gardens

Situated at the far north of the UK sits Dunbeath Castle, a privately owned easte with a castle teetering on the Caithness coastline. Either side of the long driveway, sit the two grand walled Dunbeath gardens, which I was fortunate to explore a few weeks ago!

North Coast Exploration: from Caithness to Durness

When we moved from Inverness to Caithness, my heart sunk just a little at the prospect that the drive to Achmelvich Bay (my favourite place in Scotland) in the heart of the NC500, would not be in such easy reach on our days off – would we find such staggering natural beauty on the North […]

Caithness coast – my maiden voyage: Caithness Seacoast RIB trip

It was a fine weekend morning last Saturday, a perfect day for hopping on a speedboat along the Caithness coast! When we lived in Inverness I had been on the Dolphin Spirit boat trips in the Moray Firth, but never got round to booking a place on their RIB trip. However, Wick has Caithness Seacoast […]

NC500 East Coast: Big Burn Walk, Golspie

Tucked away at the north end of Goslpie, quite literally a stones throw from the A9,  is a fab short woodland walk that leads to a stunning waterfall.  This, is the big burn walk.

Caithness Chocolate – A true north Highland chocolatier

Regular readers might remember that last year I had my first taster of Caithness Chocolate, and I wrote a little post about the flavours I tried! Now that we have settled into Caithness life for a little while, I felt the time was right to find out some more about these delicious treats! Ruth actually […]

Puffin Croft – Cara’s story of following your dreams

In September 2016 Cara moved from London to John O’Groats in Caithness to run Puffin Croft. Cara had over 20 years of nannying experience in London, but a random advert caught the eye of her sister, and just 10 weeks later, she was moving over 700 miles north to run a croft and petting farm […]

Wolfburn Distillery – rediscovering Thurso’s whisky heritage

Scotland is famous for its whisky production all over the country, and Caithness has two distilleries on the North Coast 500 route, both with tours available for visitors. Earlier on in January we took advantage of cut-price tour tickets at Wolfburn Distillery in Thurso. Wolfburn has a distinctive story, with the original distillery being founded […]

Dolphin Spirit Boat Trip – Inverness

Last week I went on my second voyage aboard the Dolphin Spirit boat trip along the Beauly and Inverness firths. A firth is an inlet leading to the open sea. We covered seven nautical miles on our trip, which lasted 75 minutes. We arrived at Inverness Marina, where there are a large number of boats moored.

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