The three best things I’ve done to develop my business

I started my business in 2020, along with thousands of others who took the leap into working for themselves. In a year of lockdown and restrictions, today I'm reflecting on three things I've done so far to develop my business. Listening to and learning from others I've been devouring so many resources, to learn from […]

Building a Business website | The woes, worries and wins!

When I'm talking to fellow business owners, building and maintaining a business website seems to be the most universally daunting task. When I recently published a post on Instagram and Facebook with my own thoughts on the importance of websites, I was inundated with comments and messages. The woes included a lack of time or […]

What I’ve learned from local businesses in Caithness

As I set out on my own business journey (see here for how I'm now working with local businesses in Caithness to strengthen their online promotion), I'm really keen to learn from other local businesses. In today's feature, I've gathered the thoughts of four businesswomen on how the region of Caithness shapes their offering, along […]

Why I’ve launched A Highland Blend to work with Caithness businesses

In 2017 I flitted north from Inverness to Wick in Caithness, and in 2018 I rebranded my blog to A Highland Blend. Since living in Caithness, I’ve got to know the locals and their businesses, got involved with the local community, and started to explore this stunning region, which sits right on the NC500. I’ve […]
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